Authorial Services

Thank you for considering me for your project! Below are the various services I offer, as well as a description of what each service entails. Look over them and determine which one is right for you, or shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out together.

Manuscript Evaluation (Free!)

You’ve got a novel. But you might not have a good idea of where to go next and all these editorial services are confusing. I will read the first 1000 words and advise you on where your manuscript is in the editorial process and what it needs.

Developmental Critique

I will read your manuscript and offer an in-depth, detailed critique letter on its strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the manuscript, I may offer suggestions to help with character development, pacing, plot, dialogue, setting, and tone.

Line Edit

This is the real nitty-gritty. I will give your manuscript the red-pen treatment, editing for clarity and consistency throughout. Words may be changed, sentences rearranged, and grammar cleaned up.


You feel like you’ve got a good handle on the edits, but you need someone to check over your grammar. I’ll chase out your errant commas, your run-ons and fragments, and polish until it shines.


How much do you charge?

Every project is different.  I suggest looking at the EFA’s suggested rates for general information.  But for more specific information, drop me a line!  I will be more than happy to give you a quote on your project, completely free of charge.

What happens after I sign up for one of your services?

After you determine which service is right for your manuscript, I’ll send you a letter of agreement outlining the agreed-upon price, timeframe, kind of service, payment schedule, and all other important legal minutiae.  Once you send that back with your manuscript, I’ll get to work!

How do I pay you?

My preferred method of payment is the old-fashioned check in the mail. I do not accept Paypal.

What if I disagree with your edits?

I usually have a good reason for every edit I make, but I understand that sometimes authors don’t agree. All my edits are made using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, which allows you to accept or rejects edits as you see fit.

Do you edit short stories?

I will gladly look at your short stories, but I do have a minimum project fee of $100. I do not edit poetry, unless you’ve written an epic poem. If you have, please send it to me. I am completely serious about that.