“Before I started working with Daniel, I had never finished a manuscript. I had accumulated a series of disjointed, poorly plotted, underdeveloped scenes for a number of different stories. Daniel helped me take one of those and turn it into an actual novel with a driving plot and fully fleshed-out characters. His ability to pick up on nuances in your world-building, character development and sequence-of-events is unparalleled. He will not let you take the easy way out with your writing–and for that you will be thankful, when the end result is a more complete and powerful finished manuscript. Daniel will always be the first person I go to with my work, and I would recommend his services to anyone.”

Jen Fulmer, author

“Daniel is my go-to grammar guy.  Whether I need help with a paper or want to settle a friendly grammar debate with my fellow nerd friends, I go to Daniel, not Google   He’s incredibly smart and passionate about both the mechanics of writing and the craft of storytelling.  If you have a particularly ambitious project, I know that he can help your manuscript reach its full potential.”

-Steph, author and blogger, The Fake Steph Dot Com